Welcome to Two Savvy Cents!

Hello Everyone! And welcome to my first blog post! This blog is intended to show you easy and inexpensive crafts, recipes, diy projects, and activities in and around the home! What does Two Savvy Cents mean? Well, it means this blog isn’t just my two cents, buy my two savvy cents on how to save money and have fun while cooking, baking, crafting, organizing, decorating, and enjoying yourself at home! Occasionally, I will include posts about nature and outdoors, two other things that I love!

As a freelance journalist, I was inspired to write a blog to pursue my writing and other hobbies all in one. At the same time, I can share what I do with others!

Some of my upcoming posts this season will include summertime party ideas such as decorating and recipes.

Are you someone who is on-the-go, on a budget, or looking for home ideas that are just quick and easy? Feel free to leave a message in the comment section if you have any thoughts or ideas. Check back in weekly for more posts!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Two Savvy Cents!

  1. Nice new blog, like your photos, your mom sent me over here from the Frugal Living site. I love papercrafts so enjoy seeing new ideas. Really nice blog


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