Easy Homemade Popsicles


What a better way to cool off on a hot day than an icy popsicle? Even better, a popsicle that you made yourself? Well, you don’t need any fancy ingredients for these two recipes and you can pick your favorite flavor! These are very simple recipes, don’t require much preparation. I chose these with hot days in mind! One recipe is shown using store-bought popsicle molds. The other recipe uses paper cups with a plastic spoon or wooden popsicle stick.

For this recipe, I chose cherry flavored Kool-Aid. You can use any flavor you like. Also, the amount of Kool-Aid and the number of popsicles you make is up to you!

Kool-Aid Popsicles

Ingredients and Tools:                                                                                                                         IMG_1418

Kool-Aid – any flavor

popsicle molds






Step 1: 

Mix up the Kool-Aid in the pitcher according to the package instructions. For the picture shown above, I made 1 quart of cherry flavored Kool-Aid. I had enough to fill each mold and a little left over.


Step 2:

Fill each mold with Kool-Aid, leaving about 1/2″ at the top. Replace tops of the molds.


Step 3: 

Place in freezer on a level surface and freeze for about 4 – 5 hours. Enjoy!



For the next recipe, you can choose any flavor combination of pop and juice you like. Here, I used pineapple-orange juice and 7-Up for a citrus flavor. I also used 9 oz. paper cups. You may choose to use smaller cups to cut down on freezing time. The amount of ingredients you need also depends on the number and size of the popsicle.

Pop and Juice Popsicles

Ingredients and Tools:                                                                                                                             IMG_1395

Fruit Juice – flavor of your choice

Pop – flavor of your choice

baking pan or tray

aluminum foil

plastic spoons or wooden popsicle sticks

paper cups – 9 oz.





Step 1:

Measure out equal parts juice and pop. Mix them together in a bowl. Here I made 6 popsicles in 9 oz. cups. I mixed together 3 cups juice and 3 cups pop.


Step 2:

Use a scoop or ladle to fill each cup with your liquid mixture. Leave about 1/2″ or more of room at the top.



Step 3:

Gently tear pieces of aluminum foil large enough to fit over the top of each cup. Mold each piece over the top of each cup to create a guide for inserting the spoon. The aluminum foil will hold the wooden stick or plastic spoon in place until the liquid is frozen.



Step 4:

If you are using plastic spoons, remove the aluminum foil from the cup and insert the handle of the plastic spoon up through the middle of the foil. If you are using wooden sticks, you can insert the wooden sticks through the middle of either the top or the bottom of the foil. Replace the foil with stick or spoon back onto the cup and into the liquid.



Step 5:

Carefully place all filled cups with spoons or sticks on your tray or baking dish.  This is so you can carry the liquid-filled cups to the freezer. Also keep in mind that the tray or baking dish will need to fit into your freezer. Place the tray or dish in the freezer


Step 6:

Allow the popsicles at least 5 – 6 hours to freeze for larger sizes. Once frozen, run warm water over the paper cup to remove the popsicle from the cup. Enjoy!

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