How to organize cluttered shelves


When shelves are cluttered and disorganized, finding what you need can be time-consuming. By eliminating useless books and papers and leaving room for what you need, your shelves will be easier to use and more visually pleasing. If your shelves are just a pile of messy papers, books and odd things, it’s time to organize!

Keep in mind that when you’re clearing off the shelves, that you’re starting at the top, leaving the heaviest shelf on the bottom to anchor the shelf. It also helps to determine the use of the shelf. Is it only for books? Do you use it for CDs or DVDs? Is it something you use or is it more for looks?

1. Start by removing what is on the shelf one thing at a time. Is it something that can be thrown out, something you want to keep, or something that needs to stay on the shelf? Make piles as you go along for each category. I had one pile for garbage, one for things that I will put away in a box, and one for things that I use and will keep on the shelf.

2. Once the shelf is empty, you will need to stand the books, folders, and other things that you will be keeping on the shelf on their ends, starting with the largest first. This not only keeps the books from falling over, but it’s easier to find smaller things that way. You can also organize books and magazines alphabetically, or by category.

3. After all books are back on the shelf, you might need book ends to keep the books from falling over. One idea is to stack smaller or heavier books on the shelf to use as book ends.

4. Objects other than books can be stacked on the shelf, or placed in bins for more organization. Shoeboxes, plastic totes and tins can be used for storage.

5. Throw out the left over garbage and store away other things you plan to keep.


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