How to upcycle soup cans for storage and organization


Instead of throwing away or recycling soup cans, save them for storage and organization. Old soup cans can be used for organizing and storing supplies for the office, crafts, art, you name it! Whether you choose  to display them, or use them in a box or drawer is up to you. Make sure the cans are clean and dry, without any sharp edges.

Supplies:                                                                                                                                                   IMG_2113

soup cans

craft paint

ribbon, yarn or twine

paint brushes

decorative paper


IMG_2116Step 1:

I covered one of the soup cans in decorative paper. This was quick and easy! Choose the paper you would like to use and lightly trace the size of the can onto the paper with a pencil. It is also helpful to wrap the paper around the can to make sure you have enough to go around. Cut the paper to fit the can.

Step 2:

Next, I used a paint brush to paint tacky glue onto the can. Carefully place the paper onto the can and press or smooth lightly to adhere the paper to the can. Allow to dry.

IMG_2115Step 1:

For the other two cans, I used white craft paint on one, and bronze on another. Feel free to choose any color you would like. I needed two coats of the white paint and three coats of the bronze to make sure there weren’t any see-through spots on the can. Allow to dry between coats.

IMG_2118Step 2:

For a finishing touch, I wrapped a silver/white piece of twine around the bronze can and a deep purple twine around the white can. Just measure out enough to wrap around the can several times, and then tie in a bow. You’re finished!