DIY Sock Dog Toys

Photo by Kathleen Quandt

Give those old worn out socks a new life by upcycling them to make dog toys. All it takes is a few old pairs of socks and some other common household items.

These sock toys take very little time and your dog will love them! You will need to tie a knot in the sock to make the toys, so, make sure you choose socks that are long enough.

You will need:

  1. An empty water bottle
  2. A tennis ball
  3. Old socks

Basic Knotted Sock Toy

  1. Hold the sock in both hands and stretch the sock while tying a knot in the middle. Make sure to tie the knot tight so it doesn’t come undone.

Water Bottle Sock Toy

  1. Rinse out an old water bottle and remove the label.
  2. Fit the water bottle into the sock until it reaches the toe.
  3. Tie a tight knot at the top of the bottle.

Tennis Ball Sock Toy

  1. Fit the tennis ball into the sock until it reaches the toe.
  2. Tie a tight knot just above the tennis ball.

You’re done! These DIY sock toys will give your dog endless hours of fun!

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