DIY Water Bottle Name Tags

Photo by Kathleen Quandt

Have you ever gotten your water bottle confused with someone else’s water bottle? Well, these DIY water bottle name tags should solve the problem. These are quick and easy to make, using only some elastic cord and plastic beads.

For my water bottle name tag, I used plastic beads in several colors and letter beads for my initials. Feel free to use any kind of plastic beads you like. Another idea is to use other stand-out beads that you like such as different animals, plants or flowers, hobbies or symbols to mark your water bottle.

What you need:

  • water bottle
  • letter or other stand-out beads
  • other decorative beads
  • elastic cord
  • scissors
  • measuring tape (optional)


  1. Start by wrapping the elastic cord around the water bottle to determine how much you will need to cut. Leave about 4 – 5 inches extra on both ends for tying knots. Keep in mind you will want to stretch the cord so that it fits the water bottle a little snug.

2. If the hole in the beads you are using is too big for a knot, tie a stopper bead at the end. Simply tie the cord through and around the bead and secure it with a knot. This will hold the beads on the cord as you string them.

3. Begin by stringing your decorative beads on the cord. String several inches (about halfway) of beads.

4. Next, string you initials, name, or other stand out beads.

5. Continue with stringing the decorative beads until you have enough to wrap around the water bottle.

6. When enough beads are strung, tie the two ends together in a knot. If necessary, wrap the beaded cord around the bottle before tying, to make sure it fits tight enough. You want the name tag to be tight enough so that it doesn’t fall off the bottle.

7. Trim the ends of the cord and cut the stopper bead off, if necessary.

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