How to Choose the Right Toys for your Dog

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When it comes to dogs, almost anything can be a toy. An old shoe, a piece of wood, or a spare glove are often a dog’s favorite chew toy. But buying a toy for your dog can be a different story.

There are several kinds of toys available for dogs. Playing fetch with a stick or ball are a classic favorite. But, there are many other toys to choose from. Tug toys, plush toys, chew toys, interactive toys, and rubber toys that squeak are several kinds to consider.

How do you decide? The first thing to keep in mind while shopping for dog toys is your dog’s size and age. Some toys a especially for puppies, while others are for grown dogs of all different sizes. Read the toy’s label or packaging for this information.

Another thing to think about is if your dog tends to chew or tear apart its toys. Tough dog toys are made to withstand your dogs sharp teeth and will not tear apart as easily.

Some toys, such as tug toys and interactive toys, are fun for both you and your dog. Some interactive toys keep your dog busy by dispensing treats, and some are like puzzles for dogs.

If you’re not sure what kind of toys your dog likes, try several different kinds to see which ones grab your dog’s attention. Chew toys, as well as ball toys, are almost always a good choice.

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