DIY Mason Jar String Lights

Photo by Kathleen Quandt

This simple DIY craft idea is easy for anyone to make! These DIY Mason Jar String Lights give off a soft light and work well as a decoration. All you need are mason jars and LED Mini Firefly String Lights. I used the Vintage Aqua Blue Ball Mason Jars to add a little more color. Use at least one string of lights per jar, depending on the length of the string. Two strings of lights fills the jar more, and is brighter. The mini LED lights are battery operated, so there is no need to plug them in.

You Will Need:

  • Mason Jars
  • LED Mini Firefly String Lights


  1. Turn on the mini LED string lights.
  2. Unwind the lights (if they are wound up) and put them in the mason jar. Place the on/off switch in the bottom of the jar, so it is less visible.
  3. Remove the center of the mason jar lid and replace only the ring on the jar.

You’re done!

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