How to decorate glass candle plates


Candles add a personal touch to any room. When I came across a box of glass candle plates, I decided to put them to good use along with a few unused candles. All they needed was a little paint and some accents to make my candle display more interesting.

For the first two plates, I wanted to add some paint and shiny baubles. I used metallic silver paint for one and an icy blue paint for another. Then I added glass decorative fillers as the decorations around the outside of the plate. For the third plate, I used Mod Podge and glitter instead of paint.

Supplies:                                                                                                                         IMG_1580

glass candle plate (choose your size)

acrylic craft paint

paint brushes

decorative fillers or your choice of decoration

hot glue gun

Mod Podge



Step 1:

Start with a clean and dry candle plate. Paint one coat of acrylic craft paint over the top side of the candle plate. Allow to dry completely. Paint another coat of paint and allow to dry completely.


Step 2: 

Using your glue gun, place a dot of glue on the outside edge of the plate. Firmly press the decorative glass “bead” on the glue. Do the same for each “bead” all the way around the plate until you end up where you started. Allow glue to set.


Keep in mind that when you’re placing the decorations around the outside of the plate that you don’t want to take up room for the candle. Use a larger plate for the candle, or place the decorations on the very most outside edge of the plate. If the glass decorations fall off, they can be replaced by removing the old glue and gluing them again.


Glitter Option:

Instead of using craft paint, coat the candle plate in Mod Podge using a paint brush. Then sprinkle glitter on the coat of Mod Podge. Allow to dry completely. Shake off excess glitter and apply one more coat of Mod Podge and allow to dry completely. Continue to Step 2.