How to make shoe boxes into decorative storage boxes




Save those shoe boxes taking up space in your closet and upcycle them into something useful! Empty shoe boxes can be great for organizing clutter, and with just a little paper and glue, they can made into decorative storage boxes. I bought wrapping paper from a dollar store for two of the boxes shown above. For the third box, I clipped my favorite pictures from old magazines for a tropical theme.



wrapping paper, magazine clippings, or other paper

glue stick


shoe box






Step 1:

Measure out and cut enough wrapping paper to wrap just the bottom of the box. Set the top of the box aside for now. Keep in mind that you won’t need to wrap all the way around the box. Leave about 1″ to 2″ extra paper around the top of the box so you can fold the paper and glue the edges on the inside of the box.



Step 2: 

Apply glue to the sides of the box one at a time and firmly and evenly press the paper to the side of the box.




Step 3:

Glue and fold in the ends of the paper as you would if you were wrapping a present.




Step 4:

Fold the top edges into the box and glue.



Step 5:

Repeat the same instructions to wrap and glue the top of the box.



To decorate your box with magazine clippings, you will need the same supplies. For this one, I used Mod Podge instead of a glue stick. You can decide to carefully lay out each piece, or you can make a collage.