Celebrate Arbor Day – April 28th

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Arbor Day is celebrated each year on the last Friday in April. This year, Arbor Day is April 28th. Arbor Day is a day dedicated to planting, upkeep and preservation of trees, and was first observed in Nebraska in 1872.

Why is there a day dedicated to trees? Trees provide a habitat to wildlife, clean the air and provide oxygen, and give us shade to sit in. Many other benefits of trees include preventing soil erosion, promoting healthy soil, and providing beautiful scenery to our streets and parks.

What can you do to celebrate Arbor Day? Many communities host events at local parks where you can help plant trees or distribute small trees to others. There might also be opportunities to volunteer to clean up nearby parks and forests. Environmental and tree-planting organizations, such as the Arbor Day Foundation often host events on Arbor Day where participants can help plant trees and learn more about the environment. If you’re not looking for an event to attend, you can always plant and care for trees at home.

Arbor Day isn’t just for environmental enthusiasts and tree-lovers. Arbor Day is a day for everyone to learn about the environment, plant a tree and enjoy nature. So get out this Arbor Day and plant a tree!


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